Dental Implants

At Whitsunday Family Dental, our team understands how frustrating and embarrassing tooth loss can be. It may prevent you from smiling or laughing with your mates and family. It can make chewing and speaking a challenge, and when a tooth is lost, there may be drift of adjacent teeth, difficulty cleaning around the space and overload and fracture of the remaining teeth.

Dr Brian, Dr Alice and Dr Claire are passionate about healthy mouths that function for life, which is why we offer dental implantsa long-lasting solution to tooth loss.

Our dental surgery has provided our patients with new smiles for more than forty years. And if tooth loss is reducing the quality of your eating and impacting your life, our team is here to see you through the process with patience, compassion and the gentlest treatment.

Dental Implants for a Complete Smile

We start you with a full evaluation, which includes digital x-rays, an examination, a health history and a consult to discuss what you want for your smile and oral health and whether dental implants may be a suitable option for you.

Dental implants require adequate healthy bone and a commitment to good oral hygiene. We will go over all of your options with you, so you can make an informed choice.

Our innovative imaging allows for accurate diagnosis, surgical planning and allows your dentist to surgically place your implant or implants in your jawbone with precision. The implant itself is a small post made from durable titanium; it takes the place of your lost tooth root and integrates with your jawbone over a period of months. This timeframe allows for healing, while the implant to jawbone integration creates a solid foundation for your replacement tooth, which is referred to as a dental crown.  

If you have significant tooth loss, we encourage you to ask your dentist about implant-supported prosthetics. This process relies on four to six dental implants—as opposed to one for each lost tooth—to secure a dental bridge or denture.

Throughout the dental implant process, our team is here to answer your questions, and we always work together to move you toward your smile goals.

Taking Care of Your Dental Implants

Although a dental implant may look like a tooth and may function like a tooth, dental implants are not natural teeth and require their own particular maintenance. They require brushing, careful flossing and periodic bite adjustments. This is discussed at length by our team throughout your dental treatment, and regular maintenance visits and professional cleans are recommended to ensure your implant has the longest life possible. 

With dedicated care, your new smile may last for years or even for life.

Are You Ready for Your New Smile?

We love caring for our community and helping people achieve winning smiles. It is our passion. We have also become a destination dental clinic for patients and families across the region.

Expect to be greeted by a warm and friendly team—and anticipate comprehensive dentistry worth coming back for.