TMD and Bruxism Treatment

The temporomandibular joint is a hinge-like type of connection that secures your lower jaw to your skull. When this joint is functioning correctly, you can speak, eat and enjoy your time without pain, noise or clunking.

But when your TMJ does not work as it should—temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMD—it can cause a variety of painful symptoms that may reduce your quality of life. 

It is better to catch TMJ in the early stages to avoid more severe complications like a locking jaw or chronic pain.

Bruxism (grinding and clenching your teeth) is often associated with TMD.

At Whitsunday Family Dental, we offer TMD and bruxism treatment because our dentists understand how these conditions can cause long-term, permanent damage in the oral environment.

TMJ Treatment to Ease Your Discomfort

You may notice TMD symptoms on your own, and these include:

  • A clicking sound in the jaw when speaking or chewing
  • Recurring headaches and muscle pain in the neck and shoulders
  • Frequent or chronic jaw pain and swelling

These symptoms can be mild and easily dismissed, but Dr Brian, Dr Alice and Dr Claire can assess your jaw health and alignment for dysfunction. We can help with relaxation exercises and build a custom appliance that corrects the positioning of your jaw. Our goal is to alleviate symptoms and restore proper function.  

Bruxism Treatment for Your Teeth and Gum Health

Bruxism or grinding or clenching teeth is very common but may go unnoticed when this habit occurs during sleep. Stress and lifestyle habit may trigger or exacerbate the muscle activity that causes bruxism. 

Sufferers may notice morning jaw pain, ear pain, headaches, and even neck and shoulder aches. As time passes, these symptoms may increase and lead to TMD, tooth wear and fracture.

We do not like to see our patients in pain or at risk, which is why our dentists are always looking out for signs of early tooth wear that may indicate grinding damage. For some patients, our dentists create a custom splint to separate the upper and lower jaws during sleep and to relax the strong clenching muscles of the face. This comfortable appliance, made from smooth plastic, can help reduce pain symptoms and protect the teeth from damage.

We’re Passionate About Your Oral Health and Well-Being

During your routine examination, your dentist always checks for the telltale signs of TMD and bruxism—looking at your jaw function and any unnatural wear to your tooth enamel.

Our dentists and team treat TMD and bruxism across the Whitsundays, Proserpine, Collinsville, Bowen, Mackay, Victoria, Tassie, Sydney and anywhere else patients are looking for personalised dental care from a team who always puts patient health and comfort first.